The Valentine's Day

It was our first Valentine's day after being together for 8 months. LOL !
Headed to Lilac Salon for a hair wash before the dinner.
Tried to did a lil curl on my hair,very first time.
Well,its Doesn't look good. I look kinda mature overall.
Still prefer myself with straight hair,just a lil bored with the hair color.
I guess it's time to change !! hmmmmmmp :P

After that,went to Pavilion to brought our Valentine's present. lol
Walking around & did a lil shopping session with my hubby :))
Around 7pm,driving all the way to Boathouse which located at TTDI for our dinner
Initially,we booked Jarrod & Rawlins for our valentine's dinner
But i changed my mind on the very last minute,a lil regretted. LOL
This is the environment ♥ full of love birds
Roses from the staff ♥ Sweeet :))
Paulaner for me & Orange Juice for my boy.
He don't really drink beer cause he'll go red in seconds..
It's soooo weird i knewwww, lmaoo !!
Busy texting his people..zzz
New purple dress from F21 for that night* Thanks baby :)
Starter ♥ Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread
Beer platter ♥ Shrimp,Fries,salad
Lamb ribs
Overall,the food is quite alright,not much comment for that..hahah
That's all for our Valentine's Dinner :)
Btw,iloveyou small lil mouth !!

Pressie for my hubby It's white color. i likey
Present from my hubby Swarovski is love :))
Handmade a Card for my hubby
But it's no longer exist now because i damaged it on the next day of valentine's day
You know i know,don't ask me why.. hahahahahahahaha !!
and so he did one for me too !! hahahaha :))
Simple yet meaningful, thanks hubby !!
next post: girls outing :D
Alright,i'm done with my post
Stay happy people !!

Good Night people :)


  1. I feel so sweet after reading it.. haha :) good luck with your love one!

    1. Hey there. i've changed my blog to www.karen-kho.com.
      Feel free to visit :)

  2. Hi there, I know this sounds awkward, but The Braun Buffel wallet really caught my attention. I would like to know how much is it when you bought. Thanks :)

  3. Thank you very much! You looks gorgeous :)

    1. Hey there. i've changed my blog to www.karen-kho.com.
      Feel free to visit :)

  4. You're welcome girl :)
    lol,thanks anyway