Photo Shoot

Hey People,i'm back again.hehehehehehehehehe
Did a Valentine's Shooting with my man during this Chinese New Year.
Woke up pretty early in the morning for the shoot. Scarification.
It's like zillion years i never wake up that early in the morning,lol !
Had our shooting done at Bukit Tinggi,Somewhere far from the town.
Took us hours to reach there,it's really far & the road are really bumpy.
Luckily i had a lil time to take a nap during the journey..
Between,Thanks to the photographer for the ride :)

The environment is really nice * i likey
Too bad there are really few things in there..
Actually they should do it more bigger & more entertainment
And our next stop,Japanese Garden.
Cam-whore with my hubby
Finish our shooting around 3pm.
Overall,we did had fun. Hubby is sooo cute...
This is the first time he shoot,and he's kinda uncomforted & paiseh..
He looks kinda shy & stunt, LMAO !!!
Can't wait to seeeee the photo :))
Stay tuned* weeeeeeeeeeee
Valentine is coming real soon ! hahahahahhha
iloveyou hubby :))

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